Dor Shilton


I am a writer and researcher living in Tel Aviv.

Currently a PhD student at Tel Aviv University, studying the cultural evolution of music.

I'm on Twitter, Scholar, and IMDb


Shilton, D. (2022). Sweet Participation: The Evolution of Music as an Interactive Technology . Music & Science.

Shilton, D., Breski, M., Dor, D., & Jablonka, E. (2020). Human Social Evolution: Self-Domestication or Self-Control? Frontiers in Psychology.

Shilton, D. (2019). Is Language Necessary for the Social Transmission of Lithic Technology? Journal of Language Evolution.


Jouma. Lunch Ticket, Summer/Fall 2020


Democracy in Rojava (Haaretz, 2019)

In the Heart of Syria's Darkness, a Democratic, Egalitarian and Feminist Society Emerges

(English Version)

Martin Amis (Haaretz, 2019)

A Conversation on Writing, Innocence, and Literary Decorum

(English Version)

David Graeber (Haaretz, 2020)

Reflecting on the Life of the Late Anthropologist and Anarchist